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Some:when is supported by a grant from Somerset Community Foundation and by the generous hospitality and practical assistance of many local groups and individuals. In order to expand the scope of the project and increase the time spent working in and with the communities of Langport and the surrounding area, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to match the funding already raised. If you value the project and would like to contribute, please consider donating or helping to spread the word! We also welcome donations and support from local and independent businesses.
Find our kickstart campaign at or click the image below:
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 14.45.06

2 thoughts on “Support Some:when

  1. Good morning Seila and Jethro,I have left a message with BBC inside out Bristol,
    Would you like me to suggest they get involved with your project?
    It was good to see you in the Town hall,good luck with it all.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Ian,
      great to have met you, thanks for getting in touch. I’m just back from the Netherlands trip – lot of interest in the project! That would be fantastic, if you could suggest it to Inside Out.
      Let’s speak soon – lots to follow up!
      Best wishes

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