On our way back into Langport for the first time in a while, we asked the bus driver to drop us at the corner and walked down to the yard to see how the flatner was faring in her temporary abode. We were a little apprehensive, wondering what we’d find, but we were pleased to find the boat still in good shape, its timbers and joints sound – it just needs sprucing up, and good soak to swell the planks. Big thanks to Ian for looking after it!


Ian joined us at the yard and once we’d stopped off to say hello to the motley crew of animals in the field next door, we headed on into town for the Christmas fair, and to catch up with all our (human) friends. The fair was fantastic – we manage to pick up some nice local handmade gifts while we drifted through – and it was lovely to see so many of the people who have been involved in Some:when in different ways.

The river users’ group had set up a beautiful painted barrow to promote the Duchess of Cocklemoor  – selling duchess mugs, placemats and cards (more about that project at


Last but least, it was nice to be reacquainted with the Parrett at our favourite (chilly) picnic spot on Cocklemoor – the soft silver surface of the water reflecting yet another stunning sky.


We caught the last bus out of town as the night grew properly dark, leaving Langport’s residents and more local visitors to enjoy fireworks on the river’s bank.


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